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Leonards is a second-generation manufacturer of high-quality products for all areas of the Food Industry. We are renowned for the high-quality products we supply to both Butchers and Manufacturers of all sizes.

Our modern factory site has allowed our custom blend production unit to grow, meaning that our range of burger & sausage mixes, seasonings, meat analogs, and unique flavour blends continues to expand. With the ability to handle specific blending criteria such as gluten-free or vegan, we are the obvious choice for customers large or small.

A dedicated NPD team headed by one of the company partners ensures that the qualities expected across the standard range remain true. We are of course BRC Accredited and work hard to maintain the Quality of Products as well as the Quality of Service

We pride ourselves on our flexibility, creativity, and service and look forward to your call.

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Still time to get hold of the Sweet Chilli 80 Sausage mix ready for valentines day. Use it to make sausages, meatballs or form into heart shaped burgers. Hit us up for a FREE SAMPLE
#valentines #butchersblock #carnivore #shoplocal https://t.co/4gIuZdTgna
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Are you ready for Valentines day? We can help, whether its the Limited Edition Chocolate & Chilli, A Pork & Apple Burger Mix or Sweet Chilli Sausage Mix. Get in touch with us, 01825 760262
#limitededition #sausage #butcher #Valentines https://t.co/0nilbDUteB
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It's just a few short weeks to Valentines day. Leonards Limited Edition Chocolate & Chilli Sausage Mix. Available NOW, but not for long.
#limited edition #butchers #spicy #meat https://t.co/WNoIfA51pS
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Limited Edition Chilli & Chocolate Sausage Mix

I could put some spiel on here about flavour profiles or size of the boxes (makes 52lb of sausages), but instead I'm going to let you enjoy this super professional video.

#butcher #limitededition #meat https://t.co/lDnaaI0azA
A 3 in 1 post today, a gentle reminder that Christmas is still coming and you need to do your festive orders asap, and Ellie got nominated for an award so we thought we would do a #tbt to remind you of our quality content. https://t.co/PuqY82DDuv