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Limited Edition Euro Box

Kick off your Euros season with a winning taste sensation – the Euros Box! This limited edition collection features 5 gourmet sausage mixes inspired by Europe’s top teams (and the Italians). Only available until July

Each case of The Euro contains 1 bag of each flavour making 10.5lb of sausages

  • Gli Azzurri (The Italian): A taste that scores every time.
  • Les Bleus (The Garlic Supreme): Garlic-packed flavour for a hat-trick of taste.
  • The Three Lions (The Old English): Classic English flavours that never miss the goal. (apart from penalties)
  • La Roja (The Chorizo): Spanish spice that’ll have you cheering “¡Olé!”
  • Die Mannschaft (The Red Onion): German flavour with a winning kick

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